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<終了>【2022 SS】イメージモデル募集のお知らせ







・指定の撮影日にお越しいただける方 ※日程は下記参照


2021年 12月10日(金)、13日(月)、14日(火)、15日(水)、16日(木)、17日(金)
いずれも 9:00-17:00内で2〜3時間程度



東京都内 または 神奈川県内撮影スタジオ(詳細未定)











2021年10月28日(木) AM9:00













▼For parents who use English▼


MARLMARL is looking for an image model for the Spring / Summer 2022.


=======Application Requirements=======


・Boy OR Girl up to 65cm to 120cm tall.
* The actual height at the time of application, not the size of their clothes.


・Person who can participate as to become directly involved.
・Person who agrees that there will be no restrictions on use of images and no time limit (It may be used in all media, including in-house catalogs, broadcasting, advertising, and the Internet.)
・Person who can come on the designated shooting date (in this form we will ask for the convenience of the designated date)
・Person who can agree that the reward is 3,000 yen in cash + 1 product of MARLMARL (Transportation expenses to the shooting location will be borne by yourself. Shooting will be done in Tokyo or near, JAPAN.)
・ Person who agrees that there will be no restrictions on use of images and no time limit.
・ Person who can agree to edit and select images.
・Person who can come on the designated shooting date (see the schedule below)


【candidate shooting dates】
1 day or 2 days from the following
Dec. 10 Fri. / 13 mon. / 14 tue. / 15 wed. / 16 thu. / 17 Fri.
(Time is 2-3 hours between 9: 00-17: 00. There is a possibility that you may come across multiple days. We will contact you at least 3 days before.


【How to apply】

Click here to apply


※You need to log in to your "Google" account to fill out the form. (We do not know your account information) If you do not have a Google account, please log in and apply after obtaining an account (its free).


※We cannot accept any inquiries (email, phone call, SNS DM) about your progress.


【Application deadline】
9:00 on Oct.28 thu, 2021
※May be closed without notice.


【About the results】
Only those who wish to participate will be notified in detail by e-mail. (Adjust up to 3 days before shooting)



We look forward to your many applications!


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